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General Grants

  1. Important Information About General Grants
  2. Board of Director's Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy
    On October 6, 2020, the Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors adopted a Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy to establish the principal policies and procedures to govern the application, review, and approval of grants and/or low-interest loans by Yuba Water Agency. Use the link below to learn more about the policy.
  3. General Grant Application Acceptance Windows and Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
    The Agency supports coordinated development and use of the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). Pursuant to policy section 9.0(A), external grant funding shall be leveraged for eligible projects or programs to the extent possible by way of the IRWMP process. To that end, an IRWMP Project Short Form may be required to qualify for a General Grant. IRWMP related grants associated with external grant applications may be submitted at any time. Grant requests outside the IRWM process are accepted only during application acceptance windows of March 1 to April 1 and September 1 and October 1 pursuant to policy section 9.0(B). Use the link below to learn more about the Yuba IRWMP.
  4. Grant Reference Table

    Prior to submitting your grant request, please use the table below to determine the type of grant that corresponds to your request. Note the application acceptance windows and maximum funding levels.

  5. Grant Reference Table
    Grant Reference Table v2
  6. General Grant Application
    *Indicates a required field.
  7. Organization Type*
    The Yuba Water Agency considers grant funding for government agencies and non-profit organizations in Yuba County. Grant requests must directly relate to one or more of our mission areas and comply with the Agency Act. Please select the organization type below.
  8. Funding Areas*

    The Board of Directors establishes a five-year Strategic Plan that outlines the strategic priorities and objectives of the Agency and is publicly available. Grant and loan funding is aligned with the priorities and objectives outlined in the current Strategic Plan. Yuba Water may approve grant or loan funding in the following areas consistent with the Agency Act. Refer to the Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy for additional details. (Select all that apply)

  9. Grant Type*
    Please select the type of grant applicable to this application. Refer to the Grant Reference Table above for additional details.
  10. Integrated Regional Water Management Plan*
    The Agency has supported and coordinated the development and use of the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). The Agency provides resources and support to participating water districts and other eligible entities for the development, scoping, and funding sourcing for projects for the IRWMP. For a water supply, rehabilitation, improvement, or management related project to be considered for Yuba Water funding, the project must be in the current IRWMP and appropriately documented. An IRWMP coordinator is available to assist participating IRWM Regional Water Management Group members in applying for Yuba Water grants. Refer to policy section 9 for additional information. Please select the applicable category below.
  11. Enter the total amount of Yuba Water grant or loan funds you are requesting. If you are requesting a combination of grant and loan funds, enter the total amount here and describe each in the description section below. 

  12. Describe the workplan and scope of your project or program. Include details of how it applies to our mission areas of flood risk reduction, water supply reliability, hydropower, fisheries or recreation at New Bullards Bar. Grant requests are reviewed for alignment with our mission areas and to ensure compliance with the Agency Act and the Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy. Upload additional details and supporting documents below as needed.

  13. Confirmation of External Grant Funding*
    External grant funding is defined as funds available from (non-Yuba Water) local, state, or federal sources.
  14. We encourage the inclusion of support materials such as the IRWMP Project Short Form (may be required), detailed cost estimates, a project map, and other descriptive documentation that will aid our review process. Click the Browse button above to upload additional documentation. Use the fields before to upload additional documents. If more than 3 documents need to be uploaded, email for guidance.

  15. Next Steps

    Agency staff will review all grant requests for compliance with our mission areas and in accordance with the Yuba Water Agency Act and the Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy. Agency staff will contact the requesting party via email regarding next steps in the process. Questions? Email or call our main office at 530-741-5000 for assistance.

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