How does Yuba Water Agency help improve the Yuba County community?

Each year, Yuba Water Agency invests millions of dollars into projects to further our primary missions of reducing flood risk and ensuring a sustainable water supply for Yuba County. In addition, we provide many grants to a number of organizations and projects that are related to our mission areas, to provide local resources and support community development and improvement projects. We also make significant financial investments to improve the natural fisheries of the Yuba River, and to educate the public about water and fisheries issues.

Just a few recent examples of contributions made by Yuba Water Agency include the following:

  • Funding the local cost-share of improvements to the Feather River Setback Levee, leveraging more than $400 million in federal and state investments
  • Investing $1.5 million for the Blue Forest program, a pilot project to use various tactics to thin the forest, reducing fire risk and ensuring and improved water supply and quality in the Yuba River watershed
  • Funding the purchase of a new water tender truck for the Dobbins-Oregon House Fire Protection District, which serves the agency's facilities in the foothills
  • Granting more than $2 million to Yuba County for ongoing services and equipment, including flood preparedness supplies
  • Providing essential first aid kits for the Yuba County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse
  • Funding the River Management Team fisheries research
  • Funding Yuba River watershed education and curriculum for Yuba County schools

Moving forward, Yuba Water Agency will continue to provide grants, supplies and other funding for a number of local projects and programs within our mission areas. Currently,  Yuba Water's board is committed to dedicating up to $10 million each year for this purpose, above and beyond our primary missions.

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