Why is the agency building a new administration building?

Our existing Power Systems administration building is the old Colgate Powerhouse built in 1950, which was modified into office space after the New Colgate Powerhouse was completed in 1970. The old powerhouse was never meant to accommodate a large staff or have the capability to work as a corporation yard. Yuba Water needs a bigger, more modern building to accommodate the current and projected growth of our operations and staff.

Its centralized location between New Colgate Powerhouse and New Bullards Bar will reduce drive times to the agency’s other facilities, as well as improve security and safety by reducing the amount of traffic on the narrow, steep road that is used to access the current administration building, mechanics shop and powerhouse.

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1. Where will Yuba Water’s new Power Systems facilities be located?
2. Why is the agency building a new administration building?
3. What are the features of the new facilities?
4. Will the new facility benefit the public in any way?
5. How much will the project cost?
6. When will the project begin and end?
7. What will happen to the old Power Systems administration building?