How will we know that the project improves habitat?

Pre-project monitoring began in 2014. Following that, snorkel surveys were conducted and macroinvertibrates (aquatic bugs) and water temperature were monitored from 2014 - 2016. Riparian vegetation composition and recruitment, and dissolved oxygen and turbidity grab measures were performed in 2016. Pre-project monitoring studies designed to compare fish health in off-channel habitat to the main channel, using juvenile outmigration and predation experiments, were performed in spring 2016. As part of implementation, physical and biological variables such as these will be monitored into the future to assess the project's effectiveness and learn lessons for future projects like this in the Central Valley. 

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1. Why is the project being designed and constructed?
2. How often will the floodplain at the project site inundate?
3. Who else besides fish benefits from the project?
4. How will we know that the project improves habitat?
5. Are there other places in California where this type of project has been successful?