Why is Yuba Water Agency voluntarily signing this agreement?

As Yuba Water Agency has proven over more than ten years, since the successful and continuing implementation of the award-winning Yuba Accord, collaborative agreements are more sustainable, innovative and result in actual improvements more than controversial regulatory requirements do. Regulatory requirements also are often limited in approach and get tied up in court for decades. When parties focus on interest-based negotiations and allow science to lead the way to determine the best path forward, the results can provide more meaningful solutions for California’s economy and environment. Water supply reliability for the benefit of Yuba County farmers and residents is the agency’s top priority in both Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relicensing and in this voluntary process. Implementation of the Voluntary Agreement will ensure that Yuba Water is able to both maintain our water supply reliability as well as provide better environmental benefits than alternative proposals.

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1. What is the Yuba Water Agency voluntary agreement?
2. Why is Yuba Water Agency voluntarily signing this agreement?
3. Are other Sacramento Valley agencies participating in the Voluntary Agreements?
4. What are the next steps in this process?