How much are the YSPI actions expected to cost, and who will pay for them?

The full range of YSPI actions has not yet been developed. Until additional analyses are complete, it is difficult to estimate capital, operation and maintenance costs. Based on other passage and reintroduction programs, including the Baker River and Pelton Round Butte projects, the YSPI reintroduction project may cost upward of $400-$500 million over the 50 year life of the program (2015 dollars). YCWA and others have provided significant funding for the Yuba Salmon Forum and other fisheries studies, and YCWA has committed up to $100 million to the YSPI over the next 50 years. Funding from other sources, however, would be absolutely necessary to implement the full action plan. As part of the settlement agreement, the YSPI intends to develop a comprehensive funding plan that identifies other local, state and federal entities with interests in salmon enhancement in the Yuba River. YCWA’s commitment is a tremendous start toward implementing a program of this scale and will make it much easier to attract funds for specific program components from a variety of local, state and federal sources.

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1. What is the Yuba Salmon Partnership Initiative?
2. Who is participating in the Yuba Salmon Partnership Initiative?
3. Why is it important to enhance habitat in the lower Yuba River and reintroduce salmon into the North Yuba River?
4. What actions will the YSPI take to enhance habitat in the lower Yuba River?
5. How could salmon and steelhead be physically reintroduced to the North Yuba River?
6. Are collection and transport facilities used for salmon reintroductions elsewhere?
7. Are there any other alternatives, like dam removal, being considered in the Yuba River watershed?
8. How long have people been working on getting fish past Englebright Dam? Why has it taken so long?
9. Because these salmon and steelhead species are listed as 'threatened' under state and federal law, won't the reintroduction create problems for local communities like Sierra County?
10. Will the reintroduction negatively affect fishing activities?
11. Does the YSPI have any relationship to the Bay-Delta?
12. What is the status of the YSPI, and when is it expected to begin?
13. How much are the YSPI actions expected to cost, and who will pay for them?
14. $400-500 million is a lot of money. Is it worth it to save these fish?
15. Will local communities benefit from the YSPI?
16. Why is the focus of reintroduction on the North Yuba River? If the YSPI is successful, would it preclude salmon and/or steelhead reintroductions to the Middle Yuba River or the South Yuba River?
17. Is the YSPI related to the proceedings under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for relicensing hydroelectric facilities in the Yuba River watershed?