New Power Systems Facilities

Yuba Water Agency recently broke ground on its new Power Systems administration building and associated facilities on Marysville Road in Oregon House. Construction is expected to be complete by spring 2025.

The planned facilities will include an administration building, warehouse, mechanics shop, covered equipment storage, laydown yard and parking. Yuba Water’s current power systems administration building and mechanics shop are in an aging building adjacent to New Colgate Powerhouse, at the base of the Yuba River canyon in Dobbins.

Yuba Water’s new facilities will be able to adequately accommodate the agency’s present and future needs and will allow for future growth. It will also be closer to the communities where many of the Power Systems staff live and will be approximately the same distance as the current headquarters is to Yuba Water’s New Bullards Bar Dam and Reservoir. Its centralized location between New Colgate Powerhouse and New Bullards Bar will reduce drive times to the agency’s other facilities, as well as improve security and safety by reducing the amount of traffic on the narrow, steep road that is used to access the current administration building, mechanics shop and powerhouse.

Yuba Water’s Board of Directors approved the $39.5 million project, awarded to Hilbers Incorporated of Yuba City in May. The budget includes the Hilbers construction contract and project management and inspection services.

A computer rendering of the administration building at Yuba Water's planned power systems site.

A computer rendering of a conference room at Yuba Water's planned power systems headquarters.A rendering of the conference room.
A computer rendering of some of the office space Yuba Water's planned power systems headquarters.A rendering of some of the open office space.
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