Yuba Water District Boundaries

Every ten years following the release of U.S. census data, local governments that elect representatives by district must assess and adjust their district boundaries to ensure all areas have nearly equal representation based on population.

Boundary adjustments determine the district within which a citizen votes, beginning with the next statewide primary election. This process is referred to as reapportionment or redistricting.

Typically, federal census data is provided to states no later than April 1 in the year following the census. Agencies then have until November 1 to adopt proposed adjustments to district boundaries. In response to COVID-19, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 594, extending the deadline from November 1 to December 9, 2021, 180 days ahead of the next statewide primary election on June 7, 2022.

As a special district, with two at-large elected positions representing the northern and southern areas of Yuba County, Yuba Water has developed draft redistricting map proposals for public input. 

For additional details about this process, see this October 5 staff report and presentation to the Board of Directors. To submit feedback on the draft redistricting map proposals, email Jim Mitrisin, clerk of the Yuba Water Board of Directors, or participate in the next public hearing on December 7, 2021. Details about how to participate in the public hearing will be made available on BoardDocs on Friday, December 3. 

Yuba Water districts

A map of Yuba Water's current districts.