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Yuba Water Agency's unique history is a story full of twists and turns, drama and characters who are resourceful, resilient, passionate and determined. The Tricky Yuba tells the story of Yuba Water Agency's history - how it came to be, what its accomplished in the last 60+ years, and the bright future that's in the works. 

The Yuba River watershed has extensive areas of overly-dense forests vulnerable to high-severity wildfire. Recognizing this, Yuba Water launched a trailblazing Watershed Resilience Program to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire in our region, protecting residents and water supply. Watch to learn more about the programs and partnerships Yuba Water is involved in to help expedite the pace and scale of forest restoration work. 

Yuba Water Agency is helping power a brighter future for the people of Yuba County with the Yuba River Development Project. Learn more about the agency's investments in flood risk reduction, water supply reliability, sustainable groundwater management, the local community and more.

For the people of Yuba County, reducing the risk of flooding was the single most important reason for the creation of the Yuba Water Agency. Since formation in 1959, the agency has led the local effort with state and federal agencies, Congress and others to increase public safety by reducing the risk of catastrophic flooding.

Providing reliable surface water supplies to local farms and ranches is one of the primary reasons Yuba Water Agency exists. Each year, Yuba Water supplies about 260,000 acre-feet of water to eight local water districts, known as the member units. These districts supply 60,000 acres of productive farmland with water, enabling farmers to raise rice, peaches, plums, and other crops. Crops and livestock are an important source of jobs and income for many Yuba County workers and families.

Hydropower uses water and the force of gravity to create electricity. Yuba Water Agency's hydropower facilities provide important grid stabilization, especially for solar and wind energy, in Northern California. The Yuba River Development Project includes a modern series of dams and hydropower facilities capable of generating up to 412 megawatts of clean, reliable, carbon-free energy, which is enough to supply more than 400,000 homes throughout California.

Yuba Water's hydropower operations are clean, 100 percent carbon-free and essential to California's clean energy future. Learn more about our hydropower operations and the role of hydropower in stabilizing California's energy grid.  

Since its formation in 1959, Yuba Water Agency has worked with local, state and federal agencies, as well as environmental groups and tribes, to protect wild salmon and steelhead in the lower Yuba River. Although heavily impacted by the effects of hydraulic gold mining and the construction of Englebright Dam, the lower Yuba River supports important fisheries. Learn more about Yuba Water Agency's multi-partner, multi-benefit Hallwood Side Channel and Floodplain Restoration Project that will help improve and protect fish habitat in the lower Yuba River.

New Bullards Bar Reservoir is an incredible recreation destination, formed by the 5th tallest dam in the United States, located in Yuba County, California, just 45 minutes outside the city of Marysville. Owned and operated by Yuba Water Agency, with our partners Emerald Cove Marina and the US Forest Service, Bullards offers incredible boating, fishing, camping, hiking, swimming and much more.

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