Hydropower Videos

Yuba Water Agency's hydroelectric power generation facilities provide important grid stabilization, especially for solar and wind energy, in Northern California. The Yuba River Development Project includes a modern series of dams and hydropower facilities capable of generating up to 412 megawatts of clean, reliable, carbon-free energy, which is enough to supply more than 400,000 homes throughout California. 

Check out the videos below to learn more!

How Hydropower Works

Hydropower uses water and the force of gravity to create electricity. Learn more about how it works from Yuba Water's hydroelectric compliance engineer as he explains the process using a model of one of the agency's Pelton wheels. 

How Yuba Water Uses Hydro to Invest in the Community

Yuba Water's power is sold into the California Independent System Operator electricity market and the revenues are used to pay for expenses, and to invest in Yuba County through projects to reduce the risk of flooding, maintain water supply reliability and be a good environmental steward. Learn more about how Yuba Water's hydropower operations are helping power a brighter future for Yuba County.