Narrows Relicensing

Yuba Water Agency's Narrows 1 hydroelectric facility located on the Yuba River.

This page is an information resource for federal, state, and local agencies; non-governmental organizations; and individual members of the public who may be interested in the relicensing of Yuba Water Agency’s Narrows Hydroelectric Project, FERC Project No. 1403. This page provides documents and material developed by Yuba Water during the relicensing, as well as information regarding the project relicensing proceeding. This page is periodically updated by Yuba Water. Click on the item in which you are interested. Please note that much of the information on this website is in portable document format (pdf) or similar format, and some items will appear blank until information is completed or published.

Traditional Licensing Process Request Letter

Notice of Intent

FERC Authorization of TLP and Delegation to YCWA as non-federal representative for ESA and AHPA Consultation