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A photo looking downstream at New Bullards Bar Dam with the Yuba River in the background

Want to stay up-to-date on Yuba Water Agency news, project updates and more? Yuba Water offers numerous ways to help people stay engaged and informed about agency operations. Check out the different channels and sign up to receive information below. 

Quarterly Newsletter and Email Updates

Yuba Water's quarterly newsletter provides information on the agency's flood risk reduction efforts, groundwater sustainability, hydropower, forest management, water education and other community impact investments. The agency also provides subscriptions for a wide range of topics, including Yuba Water's mission areas, agendas for board of directors and standing committee meetings and more.  

Website Alerts

Website alerts provide information about Yuba Water Agency current bids and Request For Proposals.

Social Media

Follow Yuba Water Agency (@YubaWater) on social media for the latest agency news and operations updates.