Section 7.0 - Delegation of Grant Program Management

*The Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors adopted a new Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy on October 6, 2020. Please be advised this webpage is currently under development and content is subject to change without notice. For more information, contact Jim Mitrisin via email:

The General Manager is responsible for managing and implementing the Yuba Water grant and loan program. The General Manager, or his or her designee, is authorized and directed to prepare and promulgate the following on a publicly accessible website and in accordance with this policy: 

  1. Grant and loan application form(s) that may be completed and submitted electronically. 
  2. A listing of grant and loan types and respective criteria the Agency will utilize to review grant/loan requests. 
  3. A clear explanation of the application review and approval process. 
  4. Weblinks and other appropriate information to substantially inform potential grantees of any other applicable aspects of the grant and loan program, federal, state, and local laws, the Yuba Water Strategic Plan, and Board policies.

Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy Appendices: