Section 5.0 - Authority to Approve Grants and Loans

*The Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors adopted a new Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy on October 6, 2020. Please be advised this webpage is currently under development and content is subject to change without notice. For more information, contact Jim Mitrisin via email:

The Yuba Water Board is the sole and final authority on determining all grant and loan awards pursuant to this policy. The Board may approve a grant, loan, or combination of both. Even though an applicant may request a grant, the Agency reserves its discretion to award and offer a loan or combination grant/loan, instead of the requested grant. In addition to eligibility requirements listed in section 4.0, the Board prefers to grant or loan funds to projects or programs that: 

  1. Promote and develop long-term, collaborative relationships with other public and/or community non-profit entities; 
  2. Have no other feasible sources of grant or other funding that could be pursued; 
  3. Are compatible with Yuba Water values: beneficial for the long-term; scientifically sound; fiscally prudent; innovative; and demonstrating good stewardship of natural resources; 
  4. Leverage local funds to acquire federal, state and other funding for projects (note that funding project planning and development of grant applications fall within this criterion); 
  5. Are sponsored by entities that demonstrate financial need; 
  6. Demonstrate that the requesting organization has made a substantive investment towards the project in the form of a financial commitment and/or staff time.

Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy Appendices: