Section 3.0 - Areas of Funding

*The Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors adopted a new Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy on October 6, 2020. Please be advised this webpage is currently under development and content is subject to change without notice. For more information, contact Jim Mitrisin via email:

The Board establishes a five-year Strategic Plan that outlines the strategic priorities and objectives of the Agency and is publicly available. Grant and loan funding shall be aligned with the priorities and objectives outlined in the current Strategic Plan. Yuba Water may approve grant or loan funding in the following areas consistent with the Agency Act: 

Flood Risk Reduction 

Projects that are eligible for funding under this policy are those related to supporting the flood control districts’, including reclamation districts’, efforts to improve Yuba County levees to achieve the state’s Urban Level of Flood Protection requirement to provide 200-year and greater protection to urban areas. Also eligible are projects intended to reduce flood risk in rural/agricultural areas through a combination of structural and nonstructural actions. Projects and programs that enable Yuba Water to work with local emergency responders to better prepare for emergency response to flood events are also eligible. 

Water Supply and Water Management 

  1. Projects and programs that are eligible for funding under this policy are those related to the protection, supply, development, capture, conveyance, treatment, storage, transmission, distribution, conservation or recycling of water (including groundwater) for beneficial use within the county, including the planning, environmental analysis, land and rights-of-way acquisition, design and construction of facilities for such purposes. 
  2. Programs and projects that promote sustainable agriculture, including water supply and delivery systems, water use efficiency, and minimization of water loss are also eligible. 
  3. Water conservation and water recycling programs and projects are eligible, including program development studies, meter installation or replacement, installation of advanced meter infrastructure or other devices to promote water use efficiency and leak detection, conservation education programs, and conservation rebate and incentive programs. 
  4. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and Agency Act authorize the Agency to provide grant funding to support the design, construction, and extension of a sewer system and sewer service into an unsewered area with onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems overlying a groundwater aquifer because the grant-funded work will protect groundwater quality and avoid groundwater quality degradation 

Watershed Resilience 

Source water quality protection programs are eligible, including projects intended to reduce or prevent contaminants from entering the water supply, or enhance the quantity and timing of runoff. Watershed forest restoration and fuel load reduction for control of potential forest fires, including biomass disposal are Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy Page 3 of 7 Adopted: October 6, 2020 eligible. Support for habitat conservation plans and aquatic systems management plans that benefit water supply development, water quality protection, delivery or reliability are eligible. 

Water Education

Eligible programs include those designed to educate and inform the public on the importance of flood control, water and energy resources, protection, and sustainability and any other area related to the operation of the Agency. 

Water Conservation

Projects or programs focused on water conservation, development, control and use of water for the public good and for the protection of life and property within Yuba County may be eligible. 

Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grant Program 

The principal purpose of a Bill Shaw grant is to better equip and train first responders that provide emergency response or rescue services. Grant funding under this program shall not exceed $10,000 per grantee per fiscal year. 

  1. Eligibility: Eligible grantees shall be a local government agency that provides fire, police, rescue, or other first responder emergency services protecting the Yuba River watershed, Agency buildings, structures, or personnel, or people recreating at New Bullards Bar Reservoir. 
  2. Yuba Water may approve grant funding to pay or reimburse such an agency’s one-time costs of emergency service-related or rescue-related vehicles, apparatus, equipment, or specialized personnel training. Agency Resolution No. 2019-05 (confirming Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grant Program) is rescinded and superseded by this grant program policy. 


Other projects or programs as may be approved by the Board on a case-bycase basis consistent with the general eligibility criteria in section 4.0 Eligibility. 

Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy Appendices: