Section 2.0 - Annual Allocation of Funds

*The Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors adopted a new Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy on October 6, 2020. Please be advised this webpage is currently under development and content is subject to change without notice. For more information, contact Jim Mitrisin via email:

Yuba Water’s fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30. Each year as part of its annual budget process, the Board may allocate a portion of available Agency-wide funds to provide financial assistance to public agencies and non-profits within Yuba County to further the purposes described in this policy. Funding may be in the form of loans, grants, or both. Funds allocated in a given fiscal year for this purpose, but not approved by the Board for disbursement during the same fiscal year, shall be retained by the Agency. The allocation becomes a grant fund, which may be replenished at Board direction each year. 

Funding provided under this policy is not intended be used for the daily operation and maintenance of local water systems or for funding the construction of facilities that normally are the financial responsibility of land developers or for capacity to serve new development. Nor are funds provided under this policy to be considered continuous sources of funding/financing to be relied on for regular operation, maintenance or capital expenditures. 

The Yuba Water Board is the sole authority on determining the award of any proposed grant or loan and will make such determinations in an open, transparent manner at a duly noticed regular or special Board meeting.

Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy Appendices: