About Yuba Water's Community Impact Program

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Yuba Water Agency believes that a vibrant, thriving local economy depends on reliable water supplies, reduced flood risk, modern and available infrastructure, quality schools, accessible health care, and recreation opportunities for Yuba County communities. That’s why Yuba Water has committed to investing $10 million a year into programs and projects that align with the agency’s core mission areas, with a goal of improving the quality of life for the people of Yuba County. This investment may be through our own agency programs and projects, such as the planned water education center, or as grants to other government agencies, tribes or non-profit organizations.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic further underscore the value of this long-term investment for the people and communities of Yuba County and the role of Yuba Water as a partner to leverage additional funding sources such as state and federal grants.

Strategic Plan for Economic Growth

Working in partnership with local governments, regional entities, community leaders and others, Yuba Water funded the development of a strategic plan for economic growth in Yuba County. One of the primary goals of the strategic plan is to align local efforts and investments to maximize benefits for the people of Yuba County.

While local and regional partners will take the lead in implementing much of the strategic plan, Yuba Water will support initiatives that relate to its core mission areas of flood risk reduction, water supply, habitat restoration, recreation in the Yuba River Watershed and more. The plan focuses on four major strategy areas, each with specific actions that address current challenges and future opportunities for growth:

  • Infrastructure expansion: Investments already underway include levee improvements throughout Yuba County, expanding water and wastewater infrastructure to protect groundwater quality, improve water supply reliability and expand economic development opportunities, and supporting watershed health to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and ensure water supply quality and reliability.
  • Education and workforce development: Yuba Water is investing heavily in water education curriculum in our schools and is currently in the planning phase for the Watershed Experience Center, a hands-on educational facility along the Yuba River.
  • Tourism and visitor services: One such effort includes working with the City of Marysville to develop a masterplan for the rejuvenation of Ellis Lake as a means to activate this central area of Marysville and is helping the city understand more about the lake’s water quality. There are also discussions in the works to develop a river parkway with hiking and biking trails along the Yuba River.
  • Technology clusters: Yuba Water is collaborating with Yuba County, local businesses, the county’s schools and Beale Air Force Base to assess the region’s broadband infrastructure and the potential to attract additional research and business to the area.

The timeframe for implementing larger strategies like workforce, housing and infrastructure development will take longer due to the nature of such investments. However, efforts are already underway to implement smaller, near-term actions that will improve the quality of life for Yuba County residents and contribute to these broader goals.

Yuba Water's Community Impact Grant and Loan Program

General Grants

Non-profits, tribes and other government agencies can apply for grants to fund projects or programs that have a direct connection to our missions of flood risk reduction, water supply and management, watershed resilience, water education and water conservation. Learn more and apply here.

Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grants

Emergency responder organizations can apply for up to $10,000 per year to pay for specialized equipment or training. Since 2017, we've provided more than $2 million in funds to support Yuba County's emergency responders through our public safety grants, including the Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grant program. These grants are one of the many ways we are making an impact in our community. Learn more and apply here.

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