Groundwater Sustainability Plan

Yuba County’s groundwater subbasins have been sustainably managed for decades, and with 80 percent of Yuba’s residents relying on groundwater as their sole source, it’s critical that it remain sustainable for the long-term. With that in mind, Yuba Water Agency adopted an official groundwater sustainability plan, known as the Yuba Subbasins Water Management Plan. 

The Yuba Groundwater Sustainability Agency thanks all of it stakeholders and partners for the hard work and great collaboration on this plan. Below are the final documents.

AB-3030 Groundwater Management PlanA photo of an electric groundwater pump in front of dry rice fields with the Sutter Butte Mountain R

The goal of Yuba Water Agency’s AB-3030 Groundwater Management Plan (superseded by the Groundwater Sustainability Plan above) is to maintain a viable groundwater resource for the people of Yuba County. The GMP was initially developed and adopted in 2005 and updated in 2010. A series of annual reports document Yuba Water Agency’s continued stewardship of the county’s water resources.