Yuba Water Agency actively invests in projects and programs that help reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and improve the Yuba River watershed. These films explain the impacts that wildfire can have on communities and water quality and quantity, and some of the efforts Yuba Water is participating in to help reduce those risks.   

From Peaks to the Pacific

This short film, produced for the Association of California Water Agencies, discusses why, in the face of climate change, drought and devastating wildfires, headwaters management is key to protecting California's water supply reliability and water quality. 

Beyond the Brink: California’s Watershed

Headwaters serve an important role in California’s water quantity, quality and management system. Healthy forests have multiple benefits, including increased water supply reliability, improved water quality, reduced impacts from catastrophic wildfires, increased renewable energy supplies, improved response to climate change and enhanced habitat. This film, produced by The Chronicles Group, is a collaboration with several entities, and is dedicated to improving the health of the state’s forested watershed.

Not if But When: Wildfire Solutions

This documentary, produced by Radu Sava, discusses how and why wildfires are becoming a global issue, and the innovative solutions that agencies in California are coming up with to help reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire, specifically in the Sierra Nevada.