Integrated Regional Water Management

For more than a decade, water agencies in Yuba County have worked collaboratively to improve water management in the region by addressing local issues, such as reducing flood risk to protect lives and property, and providing reliable water supplies to meet agricultural and urban water needs, while protecting the fisheries and riparian resources of the Yuba River.

In 2005, local agencies and stakeholders in Yuba County met andA canal running next to rice fields agreed to develop an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. The plan addresses local water management issues for the communities within Yuba County on a regional perspective. The goal of the plan is to continue to build upon past efforts to capitalize on present and future water management opportunities, including improving infrastructure to reduce flood risk, secure water supply reliability, and other water resources needs in an environmentally appropriate approach that maximizes the benefits for the citizens of Yuba County.

Development of a comprehensive and coordinated regional water management plan for the county involved the cooperation of many parties interested in water management in the region. Through the stakeholder outreach efforts included during the development of the plan, the eight original water agencies that formed the Regional Water Management Group expanded to 11. Yuba Water Agency served as the regional lead agency in the coordinated development of the plan, including the stakeholder outreach. 

Check out the Yuba IRWM Fact Sheet for a summary of the program and key priorities and successes to date.