Mission, Vision and Values


We are committed to the sustainable management of our water resources for flood risk reduction and reliable water supply, enabled through power generation, in support of the environment and quality of life for our communities. 


A prosperous and thriving Yuba County and elevated quality of life for residents achieved through strategic water resource management and community investment. 


  • Safety: Our highest priority is always safety for the public and for employees.
  • Collaboration: The greatest successes result from working constructively with others, both internally and externally, and effective results are more important than who gets credit.
  • Excellence and accountability: Yuba Water Agency encourages striving to find long-term, common-sense solutions that are science-based, operationally feasible, environmentally sustainable and financially responsible.
  • Innovation: Yuba Water Agency values proactively seeking out new approaches to solving problems by being forward-thinking, agile, and results-oriented. 
  • Stewardship: Yuba Water Agency values preserving and protecting resources, not only for our communities, but also for future generations, through proactive compliance with all regulatory requirements. 
  • Public responsibility: Yuba Water Agency employees, board members, and affiliates work on behalf of the people of Yuba County, and take seriously the commitment to transparency in the use of public resources, and in keeping the public informed about Yuba Water Agency activities and results.