Prepare for a Flood

An aerial photo looking at Marysville surrounded by water during the 1997 flood.

Yuba Water Agency does everything it can to prevent flooding – and because of its incredible investment and many local, state and federal partners, Yuba County is well on its way to being one of the best protected communities at risk of flooding in California. But anytime you live near a levee or below a dam, you are at risk of flooding. There is always a possibility that a storm will come along that is bigger than the system was designed to handle.

In addition to buying flood insurance (even if it is not required), there are things you can do to prepare yourself, your home and your family for flooding.

Resources to help you prepare for a flood

A CodeRED logo that has text to click to register. A ZoneHaven graphic with Yuba County first responder logos and text.Yuba County Office of Emergency Services logo.

CodeRED: Yuba County uses an automated notification system, called CodeRED, to notify residents and provide safe evacuation routes. Register for emergency alerts.

Zonehaven AWARE: Zonehaven is your go-to for evacuation mapping information. Know your zone and bookmark this page for current evacuations.

Yuba County Office of Emergency Services: Bookmark the Yuba County OES page and refer to it during a flood emergency.

Flood Preparedness Tips

  • Be aware of your risk: Know whether your home is in a flood zone; pay attention to weather forecasts; and listen to local authorities.
  • Be prepared: Always have an emergency evacuation kit ready; be prepared to evacuate early; have a household inventory with copies of critical documents; and have a plan for where you will go in an emergency and what to do with your pets.
  • Take action: Evacuate immediately when advised. Also, homeowners’ insurance does not cover damage due to flooding; consider purchasing flood insurance.

Additional Flood Preparedness Resources