Camptonville Biomass Plant

Yuba Water Agency is a supporting partner of the Camptonville Community Partnership's efforts to build a 3 megawatt biomass plant in Camptonville, within the Yuba River watershed. Building a biomass plant in Yuba County ties in perfectly with Yuba Water Agency's partnership in the Blue Forest Resilience Bond project. This is the tool that can make other forest management practices in the watershed work. woodchips

The biomass plant would process forest biowaste and use it to generate clean electricity, creating a regional market for forest waste material or otherwise hazardous fuels. Fuel for the biomass plant would come from fuel load reduction efforts to make a healthier forest. This biomass then fuels the biomass plant in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Project benefits include:

  • Promotes healthy forest and watershed 
  • Reduces fire risk
  • Improves defensible space
  • Improves water quality
  • Improves air quality
  • Creates jobs in the foothills

Biomass Facility

This biomass plant is similar to what is planned for Camptonville.