Local Levee Districts

Yuba County’s local levee Reclamation Districts are responsible for reclaiming and maintaining land that is threatened by permanent or temporary flooding for agriculture, residential, commercial or industrial use.

Reclamation Districts in Yuba County provide protection through a system of levees on the Yuba, Bear and Feather rivers. Local districts are responsible for maintaining levees and pumps and conducting routine levee maintenance, including vegetation, erosion and rodent control, and slope and patrol road maintenance. Work is generally done by volunteers.

Yuba County Reclamation Districts

Although Yuba Water supports flood risk reduction through coordination and funding, the agency does not maintain or repair levees. Each reclamation district is responsible for maintenance of the levee system within its boundaries. Learn more about Yuba County’s districts below:Yuba County Reclamation Districts map

  • Reclamation District 784: District 784 covers more than 40,500 acres of land and includes more than 33 miles of levees, 60 miles of internal drainage canals and ten pumping stations. The district encompasses approximately 2,000 commercial buildings and more than 12,500 homes.
  • Reclamation District 817: RD 817 is an agricultural area in southern Yuba County
  • Reclamation District 10: District 10 is bounded on the north and south by Honcut Creek and the Marysville Levees and on the east and west by the farther east of the two Union Pacific Railroad tracks and the Feather River. This area includes approximately 12,000 acres of land and 23 miles of levees.
  • Reclamation District 2103: District 10 is a rural and urban levee district that includes the City of Wheatland and nearly 20 miles of levees.
  • Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority: TRLIA is a joint powers agency established in 2004 by Yuba County and Reclamation District 784 to finance and construct levee improvements in southern Yuba County. Visit trlia.org for more.