Community Impact Grant and Loan Program

  1. General Grants
  2. Bill Shaw Grants

General Grants

Yuba Water Agency’s revenue is constantly reinvested in Yuba County through projects related to our mission areas of: 

  • Flood risk reduction
  • Water supply and management
  • Watershed resilience
  • Water education
  • Water conservation

Non-Profit community organizations and government agencies in Yuba County are welcome to apply for grants to help fund projects or programs that have a direct connection to our mission areas. Prior to submitting a grant request, please ensure your project is in alignment with our mission, vision, and values in addition to the Yuba County Water Agency Act and Community Impact Grant and Loan Program Policy.

Pursuant to policy section 9.0:

External grant funding (e.g. state or federal) shall be leveraged for eligible projects or programs to the extent possible by way of the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) process. IRWM related grants associated with external grant applications may be submitted at any time. Learn more about IRWM here.

Other grant and loan requests that are outside the IRWM process or that are not associated with an external grant application shall only be considered during the funding request windows of March 1 to April 1 and September 1 to October 1.

Submit a general grant request

Already receive a grant award from the Yuba Water Agency? Use the templates below for required invoicing and progress reporting.