Water Supply

Ensuring a Sustainable Water Supply for Yuba County

Providing reliable surface water supplies to local farms and ranches is one of the primary reasons Yuba Water Agency exists. 

Each year, Yuba Water Agency supplies about 260,000 acre-feet of water to eight local water districts, known as the member units. Those districts, which convey water supplies to Yuba County farmers and ranchers, include:

  • Brophy Water District
  • Browns Valley Irrigation District
  • Cordua Irrigation District
  • Dry Creek Mutual Water Company
  • Hallwood Irrigation Company
  • Ramirez Water District
  • South Yuba Water District
  • Wheatland Water District

These districts supply 60,000 acres of productive farmland with water, enabling farmers to raise rice, peaches, plums, and other crops. Crops and livestock are an important source of jobs and income for many Yuba County workers and families. 

Groundwater Aquifer Recovery

Yuba Water Agency’s surface water deliveries have also recharged the groundwater aquifer. This is especially evident in the south county, where in some areas groundwater levels have recovered by about 100 feet and have reached near-historic levels. Yuba Water Agency is proud of its stewardship of the local aquifer because these supplies are essentially the sole water source for all local municipal water purveyors.

Other Aid

Additionally, the agency has voluntarily transferred water to cities and farms for environmental purposes, all over California. These supplies help to meet some of California’s water needs, especially during severe drought periods. And the revenue from these transfers helps Yuba Water Agency to strengthen levees, improve salmon and steelhead habitat in the Yuba River, and meet other needs in Yuba County.


Water supplies from Yuba Water Agency also benefit wildlife. Following the rice harvest, Yuba Water Agency provides water so farmers can flood their fields again, helping to decompose rice straw, and in the process create invaluable seasonal habitat for hundreds of species of waterfowl, shorebirds, and other fish and wildlife.

  1. Scott Matyac

    Water Resources Manager
    Phone: 530-741-5017