Groundwater Management Plan & Monitoring

The conjunctive management of surface water and groundwater is at the core of Yuba Water Agency’s commitment to resource management. Accordingly, the agency monitors the North and South Yuba groundwater subbasin levels in cooperation with the California Department of Water Resources, measuring groundwater quality, conducting groundwater studies, and exercising the groundwater resource for the benefit of the county and state.

Over the past several decades, Yuba Water Agency has met water resources management challenges brought on by floods, droughts, and instream flow requirements by investing substantial time and resources in planning efforts.

Comprehensive Groundwater Management Plan 

The goal of Yuba Water Agency’s Groundwater Management Plan is to maintain a viable groundwater resource for the people of Yuba County. Initially developed and adopted in 2005, the plan has since been updated as part of Yuba Water Agency’s continued stewardship of the county’s water resources.

Between 1948 and 1981, groundwater elevations in the South Yuba Subbasin declined an estimated 130 feet. In 1984, Yuba Water Agency began delivering surface water from New Bullards Bar Reservoir to the subbasin to offset groundwater extraction, resulting in a groundwater elevation rise to near-historical levels.A graph of the groundwater elevations in a Brophy Water District well

The purpose of the Yuba Water Agency Groundwater Management Plan is to build on and formalize the successful management of the county’s groundwater resource through the development of a framework for implementing future activities.

Water Suppliers

The agency works cooperatively to manage groundwater resources with its eight member unit water suppliers, which include:

  • Brophy Water District
  • Browns Valley Irrigation District
  • Cordua Irrigation District
  • Dry Creek Mutual Water Company
  • Hallwood Irrigation Company
  • Ramirez Water District
  • South Yuba Water District
  • Wheatland Water District