Strategic Planning 

Yuba Water Agency envisions a prosperous and thriving Yuba County and elevated quality of life for residents achieved through strategic water resource management and community investment. 

Through the agency's commitment to the sustainable management of water resources for flood risk reduction and reliable water supply, enabled through power generation, in support of the environment and quality of life for local communities, Yuba Water is focused on ensuring its projects, programs and community investments have a direct impact on improving the quality of life for Yuba County residents.

Yuba Water's Reserves Policy

The Yuba Water Agency Reserves Policy ensures that we have enough money saved in case of emergencies and to be able to pay for financial commitments and capital projects we have planned for the next few years. Consider the incredible cost of a flood event, a catastrophic wildfire or emergencies at similar local agencies that experienced infrastructure failures with a spillway or plant equipment - the cost of these types of emergencies can exceed $1 billion. Additionally, in a crisis of this nature, our partners in Yuba County could potentially also be devastated and in need of financial support until reimbursement comes through from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which can take years.

Our hydropower revenue is about 85 percent of our income. New Colgate Powerhouse is located in the foothills alongside the Yuba River, where it is potentially vulnerable to both wildfire and flood events. If our ability to generate power was compromised - without solid reserves, it could be devastating.  

Considering all these factors and after a thorough review of the financial impacts to other similar agencies in these types of crises, Yuba Water has developed appropriate funding levels needed to keep us operating throughout an emergency.

This policy is designed to ensure that we can maintain our operations in spite of an unplanned emergency, and that we can continue to power a brighter future for Yuba County.