River Management Team (RMT) Documents & Data

RMT Documents and Data include documents and data relevant to RMT structure and activities such as:

  • Yuba Accord Documents include relevant final agreements, approvals and other documents that implement the River Management Team and RMT activities
  • Study Protocols are the approved field study protocols that are utilized by the RMT field crews
  • Annual Reports are final annual reports produced by the RMT, CDFG, YCWA or others prior to the formation of the RMT
  • M & E Plan and Analytics is the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and key analytic approaches for the RMT Lower Yuba study program
  • Photos include photos, drawings, maps and other graphics sponsored by the Lower Yuba or RMT activities
  • RMT Data is Quality Assured/Quality Controlled data produced by the RMT, or publicly available data relevant to RMT activities or studies

Yuba River from grassy bank