Lower Yuba River Management Team 


The foundation of the award-winning Lower Yuba River Accord is the Fisheries Agreement. In addition to improving salmon and steelhead habitat along 24 miles of the lower Yuba River, the fisheries agreement established a $6 million River Management Fund, financed by Yuba Water Agency. The River Management Team (RMT) was also established to guide the expenditures of these funds, which include $500,000 each year for studies.

Fish being measuredResearch Program and  State-of-the-Art Monitoring

Focused on science, the RMT has developed a large active research program and a state-of-the-art monitoring and evaluation program for the lower Yuba River. Guided by the RMT, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission staff perform a suite of fish population data collection activities to study adult upstream migration, spawning, juvenile rearing and out-migration life stages of Chinook salmon and steelhead. Additional RMT activities include the identification of potential habitat restoration and enhancement measures in the river.