Lower Yuba River Accord

The award-winning Lower Yuba River Accord (PDF) has resulted in significant benefits for Yuba County and California.

The Yuba Accord consists of three agreements:

  1. Fisheries Agreement
  2. Conjunctive Use Agreements
  3. Water Purchase Agreement

The Fisheries Agreement (PDF) establishes significantly higher minimum instream flow requirements during specified periods of the year, and a collaborative monitoring and evaluation program for the lower Yuba River and its fisheries.

Fisheries Agreement

The Fisheries Agreement was signed in 2008 to improve salmon and steelhead habitat along the 24 miles of the lower Yuba River. Signatories to the agreement include the California Department of Fish and Game, South Yuba River Citizens League, Friends of the River, Trout Unlimited, The Bay Institute and Yuba Water Agency.


The Yuba Accord has directly resulted in higher instream flow requirements for salmon and steelhead on the lower Yuba River. Each year, about 100-000-acre-feet of water on average is provided for fish and wildlife in the Bay-Delta estuary, and for cities and farms throughout the state.

The Yuba Accord is a model settlement agreement which provides meaningful benefits for both fish and wildlife purposes, and water supply reliability for irrigation, hydropower generation, and recreation.