Clean Energy

Sustainable Energy

Hydropower is one of the most available and sustainable energy sources in the nation, and uses water from rivers and streams to power our lives. Additionally, it is one of the most cost-effective energy sources. The Yuba River Development Project hydropower facilities generate up to 417 megawatts of carbon-free energy, which is enough to supply more than 400,000 homes throughout California.

Hydropower is available in every region of the country and every state benefits from the services that hydropower provides to the electric grid. According to the National Hydropower Association, the industry employs approximately 300,000 workers across the United States, from project development to manufacturing to facility operations and maintenance.

Operational Flexibility

Yuba Water Agency’s New Colgate Powerhouse has a unique operational flexibility, as it can go quickly from zero power to maximum output in just eight minutes, helping to meet the rapidly changing demands for electricity throughout the day, and providing an ideal, clean supplement to solar and wind power.

In addition to supporting the state's clean energy goals, Yuba Water reinvests its hydropower revenue back into Yuba County through projects to reduce the risk of flooding, ensure a reliable water supply and much more. Check out this 43-minute webinar to learn more about Yuba Water hydropower.