Hydropower Facilities


Yuba Water Agency owns and operates four separate hydroelectric powerhouses on the Yuba River, including New Colgate Powerhouse, Narrows 1 and 2 Powerhouses and the New Bullards Bar fish release powerhouse. These facilities are ideally suited to provide carbon-free energy and capacity in support of California’s resource needs for a reliable, renewable energy grid, and are a flexible complement to solar and wind power.

  1. New Bullards Bar
  2. New Colgate Powerhouse
  3. Narrows 2 Powerhouse
  4. Narrows 1 Powerhouse

New Bullards Bar Minimum Instream Flow Powerhouse - 150 Kilowatts

The fish release powerhouse generates power from the water released at the base of the New Bullards Bar Dam and is used for fishery maintenance on the river.

This facility was added in 1986 and can be used to operate the spillway gates for New Bullards Bar Dam in the case of a power outage.

A photo of a small blue hydroelectric power generating unit.