Hydropower Facilities


Yuba Water Agency owns and operates four separate hydroelectric powerhouses on the Yuba River, including New Colgate Powerhouse, Narrows 2 Powerhouse, Narrows 1 Powerhouse and the New Bullards Bar fish release powerhouse. These facilities are ideally suited to provide carbon-free energy and capacity in support of California’s resource needs for a reliable, renewable energy grid, and are a flexible complement to solar and wind power.

  1. New Colgate Powerhouse
  2. Narrows 2 Powerhouse
  3. New Bullards Bar
  4. Narrows 1 Powerhouse

New Colgate Powerhouse - 340 Megawatts

New Colgate Powerhouse is located on the main stem of the Yuba River downstream of the convergence of the North Yuba River, Middle Yuba River, and Oregon Creek.

Water is carried nearly five miles from New Bullards Bar Reservoir through a 26-foot-diameter tunnel, and then makes its way down a 15-foot-diameter penstock to drive two of the largest single-cast turbines ever built. These turbines can produce up to 340 megawatts, which is enough electricity for approximately 350,000 people.

Colgate Powerhouse on the Yuba River